Slot machine FRUIT MACHINE is a 5-lines, 3-reels machine. Above the slot machine there is a paytable of winning combinations and their payouts in coins quantity. There is a three reel machine in the central part where You can obtain a winning symbol combination. Below You can find two visual display units that reflect amount of Your bet (Bet) and sum of the winning based on the last drop out combination (Win).

In the left bottom part of the slot machine there is a switcher of coin denomination to stake. The player can choose 1, 10, 25,50 cent coins, or 1 dollar to play.

There is a navigate buttons under the reels: BET ONE - bet one coin; MAX BET - bet 5 coins; SPIN - spin the reels; AUTO - automatic game. In case if the button "Auto" is active, the reels will be spin automatically. The game will be guided based on selected lines.


One coin corresponds to one line of the slot machine. There are five lines on the whole: three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines. Consequently, the player can bet from one to five coins. By clicking "Max Bet" button, the player bets 5 coins on 5 lines at once, and the reels spin automatically. Lines' numbers are situated on the left side of the slot machine's reels.

Game rules

Having staked, the Player presses "Spin" button or "pull" the lever on the right part of the slot machine. The reels begin to spin. If any of the reels show a winning combination after they stop, the "Win" space will show the winning sum according to the winning table and current bet of the player. The winning sum highlighted on the paytable above.


The sum of Jackpot is shown in the field above the reels. In "Fun" mode game, the Player sees the jackpot's sum for "Real" mode game. Winning sum in case of a win of the jackpot depends on the wagering amount directly. Jackpot will pay entirely in case of maximum bet game ( five dollar). Playing the game with in any other bets, jackpot will pay out in correspondence proportions.

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