Automatic slot FRUIT MACHINE is a 5-line 3-reel slot. Right side of the slot view field shows Player a table of winning combinations and victory rates in a number of coins. In the central part there are three drums which the combination of signs fall on. Lower, there are two indicators reflecting the rate of a bet (Bet) and a sum of winnings in previous spin (Win). There is a switch of the face value of coins on which bets are made in the left lowest part of the machine. A Player can choose face value of coins: 1, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1 dollar.

There are control buttons under the drums to put one coin (“Bet One”), to put 5 coins (“Max Bet”) and drums starting (“Spin”); there is also the button for an automatic game (“Auto”). If the button “AUTO” is active, the drums will start automatically and a game will be conducted concerning lines chosen.


One coin can be bet only on one line of the machine. There are five lines: three - across (horizontally) and two - bias (diagonally). Respectively, a Player can place one to five coins. Having pressed the button “Max Bet”, a Player put away 5 coins on all 5 lines and drums start rotating automatically. Number of each line is written on the left of the game drums.

Game rules

To start a game, Player must make a bet and press the button “Spin” or pull the lever on the right part of the machine. The drums of the machine will start rotating. If a winning combination falls, sum of winnings will be shown in a field “Win” in accordance with payoff table and current bet of Player. The rate of winning is highlighted in the table of winnings disposed in the upper part of the machine.


If you lose connection with the internet in the middle of game involving real money, please, reconnect and enter the casino again. All your bets will remain at our server regardless of your connection. You can check balance of your account, having clicked on a button “Cash History” and “Game History”, in order to check a result of the previous round.

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