A game on several boxes

The rules listed above are the basics for a game on one box. We shall consider only the main differences for multibox variant of a game.

A Player can buy from 1 to 2 boxes. At the same time he (she) can choose any of 5 boxes on a poker table. Bets on different boxes do not depend on each other, one can bet 1 on the first box and 100 on the second.

After bets are made, a dealer deals out 5 cards face down to himself and five cards to each bought box. After that a dealer opens his last card.

A Player begins with analyzing the cards on the first box and he (she) must make one of three decisions. Only after deciding he (she) will get the right to look at the cards on the second box.

A Player has the right to exchange one card on the first and the second boxes. During each exchange a Player can exchange only one card. Exchanging of one card is paid in a sum equal to a bet ANTE on one box.

A Player can not exchange cards if after that he (she) will not have enough money to make BET in the current box.

When a Player takes the decision concerning the current box (‘BET’ or ‘SURRENDER’), the cards of the following box will be opened and a move will be transferred to him (her). If the following box is the 3rd or if the current box is the last one, bought by a Player, a move will be transferred to a dealer. A dealer opens his cards and compares his cards with the cards of a Player.

Each box is paid independently of the rest.

Attention! If you lose connection with Internet in the middle of a game for real money, please, reconnect and enter the Casino again. All your bets will remain in our server regardless of your connection. You can check your balance by clicking on the button “Cash History” and “Game History”, in order to see the result of the previous round.


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