Keno is played by using a traditional lottery ticket, which consists of 80ty zones with numbers and 20 balls marked with a numbers. Their function is the same as in a usual lottery. The player marks numbers from 1 to 10 in a Betting Board. The winning is paid according to the numbers on selected balls, and also according to the bets, the player has made.

Player may choose a value of a bet - 2, 20, 50 cents, 1 or 5 dollars, in the bottom part of the screen. There are navigate buttons over the choose of bets: random combination of 10 numbers (the button QUICK PICK), to repeat preceding numbers (the button REPEAT PICK), to clean a zone (the button CLEAR), to play one time (the button PLAY 1), to play 5 times (the button PLAY 5), to play 10 times (the button PLAY 10).

After the every already played game You may retry the numbers, you have already chosen. Or You can choose a new numbers as you like. Different variants of bets stay accessible while you are making your bets, but you are not able to mark more then 10 numbers.

Your total bet (depends on the quantity of games) and the total value of winning is written in the right top corner. The winnings board, which depends on the quantity of marked numbers, is written lower. Where the HITS- mean the sum of numbers you've caught, PAYOUTS- is a dimension of winnings of a present bets. The score-board is placed a little lower.

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