We worked out our Bonus System to support fair playing and to encourage those who play in a fair way. Casino Mercury cancels bonuses for the players suspected in cheating or any other form of inadmissible behaviour.

Casino can either limit or even disclude the Player from getting bonuses; either limit or disclude Player's membership and ban Player's entrance to Casino in case his deposit was canceled by any of Payment methods or because of any other reason considered as breaking our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

Besides, the bonus credit can be written off those Player's account, not consistent with the Casino Terms and Conditions. Our management doesn't have to explain the reasons for any form of its regulative behaviour.

Casino Mercury keeps right to fill up and change Bonus System without a prior warnings. Please check our Bonus Terms and Conditions at regular intervals not to miss the changes.

To enjoy our bonus system the balance on your account shouldn't be less than 10$ and your account hasn't be banned from incoming bonuses.

Note! All forms of Roulette and Blackjack are not participating in offered promotion.

To keep the fair playing the maximum deposit bonus within a week is 250$. Suspicious deposits and withdrawals are carefully checked before being put into processing.

The management's decisions executing current Terms and Conditions are definitive.

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